Online & Real-time British Dominatrix

Although primarily based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, I love to travel and often frequent The Essex Dungeon, Chelmsford. 

I am happy to attend sessions conducted in hotels throughout the UK providing all is paid for in advance and you can verify your identity.

Every single person who has served Me has earned the right to do so and I do not give the honour lightly. 

Places in My circus are hard to come by because I have high expectations and a low tolerance for buffoonery. 

In order to earn the privilege of a reply from Me, you must demonstrate several traits (NB: these may not always be obvious but they are strictly discretionary to Me)!

you must be;

  • Polite - a rude introduction will result in Me ignoring your existence.

  • Articulate - I like someone who can hold a conversation.

  • Forthcoming - I don't like extracting information forcefully.

  • Selfless - Remember, you are here to serve Me.

I have no doubts that I can offer you a highly unforgettable experience but what can you do to ensure that you are unforgettable to Me?