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Lock up your useless cock and hand over the keys to Me.  I will wear them with pride, displaying them on My necklace for all to see. And yes, people do ask Me what they are for. How humiliating!



Ever wanted to dress up like a girl? Embrace your inner slut with tips from Me on makeup, clothes, lingerie, boys, toys & more!




I love money and I love shopping, almost as much as you love the thrill of being dragged around the shops by Me and forced to pay with your credit card whilst the young cashier internally laughs and thinks "wow, what a loser!"

Minimum cashmeet spend is £150
Minimum shopping trip spend is £500*

*This can be followed by dinner & drinks but must be discussed upfront

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   Little vials of fluid...

Enjoy the occasional tipple? Order a bottle of spit or pee to add to your drink and make it a Mistress Emily cocktail! Equally as delightful, neat! 


   Skype Sessions...

Not ready for the plunge into real time yet? Start off with a Skype session. Minimum price is £50 up to 15 mins. Each increment of 5 minutes thereafter is an extra £10. Preference will be given to humiliation sessions.


Treat yourself to the taste of a real man... All used cummy condoms £50 with discreet P&P 

If you don't see what you're looking for here, email Me politely with your request.